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In addition to the huge library of in depth video tutorials, and 24/7 access to our private Facebook community, ShellyFLEX Athletics offers a wide variety of virtual LIVE group classes customized for all skill levels!

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This is your time to get personalized coaching and feedback on the skills you have learned from the course videos and the follow along classes, and ensure that you are executing the drills and exercises with proper form and technique. Come to class with your questions and ready to work on skills you would like additional help with or feedback on. These classes are customized to fit your goals, and are designed to provide you with the cues and coaching you need to take your skills to the next level.


Full-Body Flexibility

This follow along class will incorporate stretching, strengthening, and stability exercises in order to safely and effectively increase your overall active and passive flexibility. Get ready for a full body work out that will establish proper functional movement patterns and help to prevent injury. During this class you will strengthen your core which will provide support for your lower back and hips and relieve tight and overworked muscles, allowing you to access a deeper range of motion and leave you feeling amazing.


Handstand Conditioning

Get excited for a challenging, but rewarding, full-body conditioning workout targeted towards taking your handstands to the next level. During this class you will develop upper-body and core strength as well as endurance for longer handstand holds. Don't be surprised when you start seeing drastic improvement in your arm balances, forearm stands, and handstands, and are suddenly able to achieve high level skills such as stalder presses and planches!


Contortion-Yoga Flow

Energize your day with this wildly popular yoga class that guides you through a seamless flow of yoga postures combined with contortion skills and shapes. This is the perfect supplement to your training where you'll incorporate deep folds, twists, binds, and breath work, resulting in a wonderfully sweaty and empowering experience.


Back Flexibility

This class will have you literally bending over backwards and seeing the world from a new perspective. Discover unique exercises designed to target the specific cervical, thoracic, and lumbar levels of your spine as well as open your shoulders and hips for a well rounded and healthy back-bending experience. Modifications as well as advanced variations of each skill and exercise will be provided in order to both accommodate and challenge students of all levels.



Splits, kicks, and leg holds, are just a few of the things in store for you during this one of a kind splits flexibility class. Dive deep into the mechanics of hip and hamstring mobility and learn how to engage your core in order to safely increase your end range of motion. After this class, you'll be touching your toes, sliding into your splits, or over-splits, or pulling your leg behind your head with ease.


Sequences, Transitions, and Presentation

Excited about your new found flexibility and want to show off your impressive inversions and jaw dropping skills? Learn how to incorporate elegance and grace, or create dramatic and edgy sequences with interesting transitions into and out of skills. Learn how to tell a story through movement, or explore combining choreography with music that will add a totally new dimension to your art and bring your skills to life!


Advanced Hand-Balancing

Standing on two hands isn't challenging enough for you? Try taking on one-handed handstands in this brand new class led by world renowned hand-balancer, Artur Bezkorinnyy. He is extremely supportive, encouraging, and creates a positive training atmosphere. You'll be amazed at what you can achieve and the progress that you'll see through this challenging but extremely rewarding class.

**Please note- this class is limited to 5 people per class and requires coach approval to attend.

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